Diamond Dowsing

Do you feel that your house gives you a ‘headache’?

Or maybe you experience any of the following:

  • difficulties in concentrating
  • constant low-level stress
  • nightmares
  • prolonged low energy, tiredness
  • constant arguments
  • difficulties in healing
  • children: tantrums or bedwetting
  • children afraid of certain spaces in the house
  • inability to bring plans to completion
  • the feeling that things are not going well since you moved in to your new place or moved your business to a new location
  • clutter accumulating in certain places
  • feeling constantly stressed at your business premises
  • can’t sell or rent your property (here Feng Shui can play important part as well)

Alexandra dowsing

These may be caused by environmental stress or blockages connected with your property’s history. This stress influences us all the time when we are present at the affected location and leaves its imprint when you leave the location. It brings you into a beta brainwave pattern, prevents grounding positive changes in your life, weakening your health and success potential.

Alexandra Borowska is an international Diamond Feng Shui and Dowsing Master Practitioner and Inner Diamond Master Teacher.

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Contact Alexandra Borowska for a free energy level assessment of your home/business. This provides basic information about the general energy level of your property and how many disturbances (lines) are present. Please email a plan of your property.

*Please note that this assessment is not a consultation, so the locations of the lines are not checked nor marked on the plan, and the cures are not provided.*

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Alexandra with Marie Diamond

Diamond Dowsing seminar, London, Alexandra Borowska with Marie Diamond.



“I had my lower floor apartment dowsed by Alexandra. She cured the negative energy present. It seems that the effects went beyond the apartment. After about 3 weeks my neighbour, who did not know about dowsing, noticed that he was sleeping better. After 2 months his insomnia was gone!”
Maks Nowak, Bydgoszcz, Poland.

“Ever since I had a Dowsing Consultation and applied all the cures, my incidence of headaches has SIGNIFICANTLY reduced. I also don’t get headaches so much when I get stressed. Thank you so much Alexandra!”
Sabine M, Leuven, Belgium.

“My three-year-old daughter never wanted to sleep in her bed. Dowsing showed that there was a geopathic stress line under it. After neutralising it, she sleeps all night through, no crying, no wandering; wonderful!”
K. Lao, Belgium.

Llangollen Abbey

Alexandra Borowska dowsing at the Valle Crucis Abbey, Llangollen, Wales.