Diamond Feng Shui

Do you feel that you are in ‘the flow’, or that you are in the wrong place, or the timing of your decisions is always a bit off?

Do you experience problems in:

  • manifesting money flow, success, work
  • finding romance, friendship, the right advisors or a good team
  • staying healthy, energised and maintaining inner harmony
  • studying, focusing, being creative
  • having inspiration, or understanding your soul purpose
  • moving forward with your building/renovation work
  • creating a harmonious space in your home or business premises
  • taking timely personal and business decisions
  • choosing the best place to live or work, or
  • selling or renting out your house or business premises?

Is your home supporting your life, or is your reality far from your dreams?

Feng Shui consultation

Did you know that your home creates up to 33% of your reality? It manifests through the Law of Attraction of your environment. The ancient principles of this manifestation are known as Feng Shui.

Feng Shui in a nutshell

Your house or work space is a three-dimensional vision board. They give messages that either support your plans and actions (your human luck) or hinder them. Together with earth electromagnetic fields, the space works 24/7 through your conscious and subconscious mind. This is why space creates a very strong impact whether you know about it or not. Alexandra Borowska is an international Diamond Feng Shui and Dowsing Master Practitioner and Inner Diamond Master Teacher.

Empower yourself via your surroundings:

Would you like to create a space that supports your goals?

Do you want a comprehensive Feng Shui assessment of your home or business?

Would you like to learn Feng Shui?

Are you already doing Feng Shui and need support?



“I had to move house and I was determined to get it right. The consultation was exactly what I needed. Alexandra analysed the pros and cons of each potential property, exposing their true positive or less auspicious potential. I was able to find a house matching my criteria with supportive Feng Shui for me and my family.”
Julie A, UK.

“I made a Vision Board with very specific requests. I placed the board in my success direction. Within 3 weeks everything came true! Now I can’t wait to apply Feng Shui in my whole house. I believe it will stimulate even more positive changes in my life.”
Mercy Ruzvidzo, Newbury, UK.

“I had the pleasure of a few one-to-one sessions on Vision Boards, Affirmations and Space Feng Shui with Alexandra. I received some very structured advice. The information, tips and details exceeded my expectations. You wouldn’t find it in any Feng Shui book, believe me. I now understand how Feng Shui affects me all the time and creates part of my life.”
Temby Lufundo, South Africa.

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