Alexandra Borowska provides a wide range of consultancy in Diamond Dowsing and Diamond Feng Shui. She has over fifteen years' experience in creating harmonious environments.


Diamond Dowsing

Diamond Dowsing supports you if you wish to:

  • reduce stress level at home or in your business
  • create a space that supports your health
  • feel more energised and focused
  • get better sleep and heal faster
  • create a strong, harmonious base to manifest your goals
  • make your house more appealing to buyers
  • create a home that supports your soul purpose

Checking the potential of a new barn conversion

Alexandra Borowska assessing the potential of a new barn conversion.

Choose a Diamond Dowsing consultation (click on each for more information):

This consultation includes:

  • neutralising: geopathic stress, negative Hartmann/Curry lines, interference lines, personal lines and negative vortices
  • space clearing for the whole property
  • providing information about your four personal best directions and how to take advantage of their potential

Cures are provided and the location of all cures is marked on your floor plan. Once all the cures are in place, we will have a 15-minute call to check it, and answer any of your questions.

This consultation focuses on creating an enlightened home. It is available only after a Diamond Dowsing consultation. Please contact us for more details.

This consultation focuses on:

  • clearing emotional, mental and spiritual blockages related to places where you lived previously
  • empowering your Law of Attraction by releasing past programming


Diamond Feng Shui

Diamond Feng Shui supports you if you wish to:

  • manifest better cash flow and be more successful
  • find romance, friendship, the right advisors or a good team
  • stay healthy and focused
  • create a space that supports your goals and your soul purpose
  • create an office that supports your long and short term goals
  • make your house more appealing to buyers
  • buy the best property or building plot
  • design a new build that suits your needs and gives maximum support
  • choose the optimum time to take personal and business decisions
  • get support to apply your Feng Shui knowledge

Feng Shui consultation

Alexandra Borowska creating plans as part of a Feng Shui consultation.

Choose a Diamond Feng Shui consultation (click on each for more information):

This consultation includes:

  • activations for your front door, best hexagram
  • 20-Year Flying Star Feng Shui activations
  • annual Flying Star Feng Shui activations
  • your personal Kua number (four personal best directions) activations
  • space Feng Shui activations for all directions
  • space Feng Shui assessment: building layout, missing directions, poison arrows, furniture placement
  • landscape Feng Shui assessment
  • colour analysis according to 20-Year Feng Shui for each room
  • Diamond Dowsing: exact positions of all dowsing cures marked on a separate floor plan, dowsing cures are provided

The aim of this consultation is to find a harmonious house or premises, where the space serves its purpose and where Feng Shui aspects (personal, time, space and landscape) are supportive to people who will live or work there, long term.

This consultation includes:

  • direction and position of the front door
  • location of master bedroom, bedrooms, home office and living room
  • for business premises, position of management offices, other offices, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, workshops etc.
  • analysis of landscape features on the plot and in close proximity
  • analysis of any features located on the plot itself: front gate, outbuildings, water features (pools, fountains, ponds), high trees etc.
  • overall energy of the building(s) and plot

Silver package:

This consultation includes:

  • making the house appeal to, and attractive to a wide audience
  • making sure that potential buyers can easily envisage themselves in the house
  • identifying areas that create less positive impressions or give conflicting messages, and transform their impact
  • choosing the best time to put it on the market

*Time cycles bring specific energies into the three-dimensional matrix of a house. They can either make your house more appealing to buyers or just the opposite. It is important to choose a year, month and day that are supportive of your house.*

Golden package:

This consultation contains the full silver package plus energy clearing: neutralising the energy of geopathic and technological stress, and its associated negativity.

This programme focuses on creating a harmonious house, where the space serves its purpose and where Feng Shui aspects (personal, time, space and landscape) are supportive long term to the people who live there.

This flexible programme will typically comprise a number of consultations, over a period of time, and draws from the following aspects, where applicable:

  1. Feng Shui assessment of the plot/land (if you intend to buy a plot)
  2. Choosing the best location(s) and orientation(s) of the house, garage and front gate, as well as an initial best option floor plan for your architect, or Feng Shui assessment of a floor plan if you already have one
  3. Follow up Feng Shui assessment(s) looking at any changes brought by you or your architect to the layout
  4. Locations of additional outbuildings (home office, guest house, workshop, pool house) with the best option floor plan and/or larger water features (pond, swimming pool, stream or large fountain) if applicable
  5. Feng Shui garden landscaping advice

Note: it is always easier if we can create an initial, best option plan before you start working with your architect.It will give you information on why it is an optimal layout for you, what to avoid, and why.

This consultation includes:

  • annual Flying Star Feng Shui for your home and how it affects you
  • annual Flying Star Feng Shui for your Kua number and how it affects your success, health, relationships and wisdom
  • position of Grand Duke Jupiter, Three Killings and their impact on your home or business
  • what spaces in your home are affected by negative yearly energies and how to neutralise them
  • what spaces in your home have the strongest positive potential and how to use this to your advantage
  • recommendations for the best placement of your vision board and symbols related to your goals for success, health, relationships and wisdom
  • where you can or should not conduct any refurbishment, renovations, or ground works during the current year

These consultations are recommended if you:

  • are planning to do renovations, an extension or refurbishment
  • want to landscape your garden with Feng Shui principles
  • want to place bigger water features on your plot (swimming pool, pond, large fountain, stream etc.)
  • already do Feng Shui and would like support


Optimum time selection

Would you like to have more insight into how the aspects of time may affect your life?

Choose a consultation (click on each for more information):

This consultation focuses on:

  • identifying upcoming opportunities and challenges in various aspects of your life
  • helping you to choose the optimum moment to make important decisions related to your work, business, networking, health, building works, as well as to plan optimum time to rest, relax and reflect
  • finding the optimum dates to avoid construction works, repairs, renovations or digging in areas affected by annual negative energies or, if we have no other choice, to reduce their negative impact
  • finding the optimum dates to put a house on the market, to move into a new house, to start building or renovation works, to start a new business, new networking or marketing activities, or new health-related activities

Note: it is always advisable to choose a date well in advance as sometimes the current or even following year may not be an optimal one.

This consultation includes creating a personal calendar that gives you detailed information about the positive or negative potential for each day in relation to your success, health, relationships and wisdom. This is a great help when it comes to planning and making decisions in your personal or business life.

Personalised calendars come in 3, 6 or 12 month options.


Read all the information on this page:


“My property just was not selling! Alexandra advised to take it off the market and analysed the optimum date to sell. We put it back on the market at this time and it sold within two weeks!”
Ewa Doboszynska, Poznan, Poland.

“I had to move house and I was determined to get it right. The consultation was exactly what I needed. Alexandra analysed the pros and cons of each potential property, exposing their true positive or less auspicious potential. I was able to find a house matching my criteria with supportive Feng Shui for me and my family.”
Julie A, UK.

“I was quite intrigued about the possibility of having a personal calendar. It is a great help in planning activities as well as time to rest and reflect.”
Agnieszka Lawendowska, Poland.

Dowsing a landscape

Alexandra dowsing for geopathic stress.