Alexandra’s passion is teaching people about how their surroundings create their reality. Her knowledge helps you put the Law of Attraction into action through the earth’s electromagnetic fields, and make your home your ally in manifesting your future. She also supports you to learn how to align with your inner wisdom to create from a higher level of awareness.

Alexandra Borowska is a certified Inner Diamond Master Teacher and Diamond Feng Shui and Dowsing Advanced Teacher.

Alexandra studied and has been personally mentored by Marie Diamond, the only European teacher and Feng Shui Master featured in the bestseller The Secret.

Alexandra teaching


Inner Diamond Meditation

Would you like learn how to:

  • stop mental chatter
  • protect your energy field
  • connect with higher levels of awareness
  • learn to transform blockages and limitations
  • reconnect with your inner wisdom, or
  • understand your soul purpose?

The Inner Diamond programme helps you learn how to manifest your life with the power and inspiration of your soul. Using Inner Diamond transformational techniques, activating and radiating 24 quantum colours/aspects, you will learn to live and create your new reality from a higher awareness, and become a true master of your life.

Start meditating today:

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Do you have questions related to meditation? Would you like create a space in your house that helps you to relax, meditate and be creative?


Diamond Dowsing

Would you like learn how to:

  • neutralise various sources of environmental stress
  • create a healthy, harmonious home
  • support your romantic life
  • make your home a ‘balanced base’ to manifest your goals
  • create an environment of alpha brain waves, and higher…

You can deepen your knowledge in the advanced level seminars to learn:

  • distance dowsing, and
  • further information on how to create enlightened homes

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Diamond Feng Shui

Would you like to learn how to create the right flow of energy and:

  • support your success and cash flow
  • support romance, harmonious relationships and collaboration
  • create healthy surroundings
  • increase your creativity and inner wisdom
  • create a home that supports your goals
  • understand how the time cycles influence your life via your house and surroundings

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“Alexandra taught me Inner Diamond. Now I work with quantum colours in my daily life and it has expanded my energetic awareness significantly. I am able to use the tools to sense and discern the energies around me and act positively, accordingly.”
James Johnson, Newbury, UK.

“After a life-changing consultation with Alexandra, I decided to study dowsing. Now I am a dowser myself, and it brings me great joy to help others with my skills. Alexandra is very precise and has a great attention for detail.”
Izabella S, Poland.

Alexandra teaching

Master Teacher